My little monkey is growing up

I believe denial is healthy from time to time. For the last two weeks I have been trying to forget that JSL is now 18 months old. It is hard for me to believe that my baby has been here for a year and a half already. The time has gone by way too quickly.

Today I took JSL for his 18 month well baby visit. His stats for this visit:  26 pounds (50th percentile), 30 3/4 inches (10th percentile), and head was 51 cm (95th percentile). So basically as the doctor put it he’s a little short in stature with a good sized head! Clearly the poor kid got my short genes. Mommy is the classic recessive short gene in action. I am only 5’3" with two parents that were 6′.

The doctor is not concerned, although I wonder about the small amount of height growth. I guess we will see what happens over the next six months. I have a feeling we are due for a growth spurt since he’s been really restless and tired lately. Developmentally he is right on track with motor and fine motor skills, and talking more than a typical 18 month old.

We discussed the ear wax issue and how it seems to alter the way he hears. Her theory is it may not have been the wax and could very well have been the fluid from the infection.  I have been told what to do to try to help that. For now we just have to watch the ears, especially the one that was just infected and still has some fluid in it. Since he is just getting over antibiotics and a high fever less than ten days ago, the doctor opted to only give him one of the three immunizations that he is due for. Today he had the DTaP and will go back in a month for the Hib and HepA.

I also asked the doctor about milk and how we should approach introducing it to him given big brother’s allergy at this age. She said it was completely up to us. JSL is still nursing and shows no interest in stopping yet (this shocks me, but I am perfectly fine with it). We may try some little sips of pure cows milk here and there to see how it goes. The main concern is making sure JSL is getting enough protein. We are practically vegetarians (thanks to the obscene price of kosher meat) and she is worried that we do not know how much milk JSL is getting when he nurses. She is fine with him still nursing, but wants to increase meat/fish in his diet. Of course since I am back home I found that the grams of protein in the fake burger patties is almost identical to the chicken nuggets that she suggested. Thanks to that I am not too worried.

The poor little guy was tired after his shot and a quick trip to Target. We went there to get a new part of our family. Here it is with an explanation on JL’s blog

Something I never imagined buying

We shall see how it goes when we try it out later, perhaps when I go sneaker shopping.  For now I shall let the little monkey rest after a stressful morning that included a rough immunization. 

Tired after a shot today

Our next well  visit is not until May when the little guy will be two. On that note I am going back to my own little world away from the reality of my baby growing up. 


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  • Kmelion says:

    Hummus (which is chick peas so it’s beans), beans and legumes. If you use dried beans and legumes, wash them 2-3 times, soak them and change the water. I’ve been told that helps draw out what makes it gassy.

    Nati LOVES bean salad – kidney beans, steamed string beans and chick peas, chopped onions, a little garlic, black pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.

    I make lentil burgers and he loves that too.

    What about fish sticks?

  • Susan says:

    LOL poor guy first shots then a monkey on his back! Oh well at least it’s a cute monkey

  • Nancy says:

    I’ve been wanting to get one of those harnesses, and after our trip this past week we really do need one! Let me know how it goes, I may be picking one up this weekend.

  • Kim says:

    Wow! The Bean didn’t hit 26 pounds until she was 3. Of course, she started out behind the 8 ball and is just on the small side still. But that’s not such a bad thing for a little girl.

  • Renee Garcia says:

    :) We have two of the harness buddies! The monkey and the bear. They were GREAT for the zoo so Keeghan and Kennedy could walk without having to hold hands with a grown up. You’re going to love it!!! (I promise you though JSL is going to fall at least once because he’s going to run and then the tail will get to it’s limit and down he’ll go. But once is all it took for Keeghan Just FYI! LOL)

  • Aubrey says:

    isn’t it hard to admit when your babies arent babies anymore! It’s got to be the hardest thing for a mom ever! Nick just turned 8! WOW!
    Oh and i just wanted to let you know…Don’t use the Monkey on an escalator! :) Ask me how I know that! Lol!

  • gahome2mom says:

    Hi, We have two of these as well. Our lil’ 3 year old daughter was in need of this product almost as soon as she began walking. LOL We didn’t want her to run out in traffic. We have used them while shopping, at the zoo and many other places. Yes, we would get a strange look sometimes but then we’d get nice comments too. She is better now but it has been very useful, especially when walking in our neighborhood. She loved it when we’d walk the dog and her at the same time.