The sickies jinx

When you have kids, you learn to expect pretty much anything can happen. Of course, after certain events happen over and ove,r under the same circumstances, you start to believe they are doomed.

For some reason my boys always seem to get sick just before, on the way to, or during a visit to see Uncle I, Aunt M and Cousin S. NHL started this tradition even before the wedding. Favorites to show up are pink eye, ear infections, and unexplained fevers. Driving to Uncle I and Aunt M’s wedding we noticed NHL had pinkeye. We managed to get treatment for that. Then the night before the wedding he opted to really scare all of us with a 103 fever. We were quite the medication police that weekend.

In recent years, the sickie jinx seems to not only be when we travel to their house, but also when they come here. JSL had a horrible case of pink eye last February when Aunt M and Cousin S came to visit.  Of course that was the start of an illness that ended in a four day hospital stay after a febrile seizure.

This weekend we may have stopped this in it’s tracks. Aunt M is a PA and brought her medical equipment with her. Nothing scares illness away like having a medical professional with her tools in the vacinity. NHL even allowed Aunt M to check him.

Checking out NHL

Then it was Dr. NHL’s turn

Dr. NHL ready to see patients

So Aunt M, I think you know what this means. We must always have your medical bag whenever we visit or see you!


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  • I love that idea! Kids love to play with stuff in a doctor’s office so I bet the boys got a kick out of her medical bag. I hope this works to cure the jinx.