Tooth wiggles or not

Yesterday, while sitting on the couch playing Nintendo DS , NHL told me that his tooth hurt. Hmmm. . . . this was something he has never said before. Of course, I asked him to come over to show me what was bothering  him. He said that two of his teeth hurt. Nothing was visibly wrong, so I went further. Since NHL is almost 5 1/2 now I knew that it could be an adult tooth pushing up on one of his baby teeth.

Sure enough, when I touched the one tooth it seemed to wiggle ever so slightly. When I told NHL the news he jumped up and down and was so excited. When I looked a little closer I was not sure if I saw the new tooth moving in behind the baby tooth. I will keep an eye on it in case we need to make a dentist appointment to have it checked or pulled. JL had to have all but two of his teeth pulled (same for my brother), so they may not loosen easily.Thanks to the new developments, we need to figure out what we are going to do when he does have a tooth come out.

Changing smile

So I ask you:  What do you do, are you a Tooth Fairy Family?  Please tell me what the Tooth Fairy does in your house, or what you do instead of the Tooth Fairy.

Thanks so much for your ideas, I have a feeling I may be needing them sooner rather than later.


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  • Nancy says:

    Ah, it’s about to be Tooth Fairy time in our house too! Alex’s tooth is about to come out – he can turn it sideways but it’s still holding onto the root. He can’t wait for it to come out! It took 2 months to get this loose though – the dentist first noticed it in early November. I’m hoping it’s out in the next day or 2 so he’ll go back to eating normal foods, since it hurts when his teeth hit while eating.

    As for the Tooth Fairy, we’re not sure what we’ll do yet – maybe $1 for the first, and quarters after that? I know we’re probably on the cheap side for the TF. I’d love to hear what others say on the subject.

  • Reiza says:

    We’re a tooth fairy family. My kids have a Tooth Fairy pillow that hangs on their bedroom door. It has a little pocket. When they lose a tooth, they leave the tooth in the pocket and the next morning, they find a dollar in there. Sometimes, they get a gold dollar coin. Other times they get a paper dollar in origami shapes (a heart is very easy). Once or twice, they’ve gotten 4 quarters. For each of their first teeth, they got a little extra gift (a tiny stuffed monkey that we happened to have on shoved back in the craft room for Girl1 and a kaleidoscope that I had to run out and find at the dollar store that day for Girl2).

    We had one incidence where one of the girls swallowed a tooth, so in that case, we had to e-mail the Tooth Fairy to let her know. :-)

    Girl1 lost her last tooth during Chanukah and she used her dollar to buy her sister a gift at the dollar aisle at Target. I thought that was so cute (and a moment we wouldn’t have had w/o our beloved Tooth Fairy). :-)

  • Stacie says:

    We do the TF as well. Usually a Golden Dollar or maybe a $2 bill for the first one. Then it’s just a regular dollar for the next ones. They have a little silver plated box they put them in that I got before we were married. And of course, the TF knows to not take the teeth because Mom scrapbooks. ;)

  • Stefanie says:

    Kerstin lost her first tooth on Dec. 23. Leave it to Mom to drop it into the kitchen sink! Luckily I was able to get it out with Alex’s help! Her new tooth was right behind it already. It is just a bit further back. I am assuming it will move into the proper spot now that the baby tooth came out. She told me it was loose in Sun. Dec 21 and then constantly wiggled it until it came out. The other front bottom tooth is also slightly wiggly.

    Our toothfairy gives gold dollar coins and 2 bills since they won’t spend the gold ones! Plus for the first one, she got a Polly Pocket toy, Alex got a Match box car. Just to make it more memorable.


  • Kailani says:

    We have a tooth fairy. She gives $2 per tooth. But they have to be given in bills and not coins because we all know that bills are worth more than coins in a kid’s world. hee hee

  • Heidi says:

    We do the TF, but the girls know the truth about her too. :) She leaves $1…..and sometimes the TF is on vacation & it takes a couple nights for her to make it to our house.

  • We will be a tooth fairy family. We will see how much $$ each tooth gets probably a $1

  • When I was growing up the tooth fairy left fifty cents underneath my pillow for each tooth. With inflation it might be a little more now though. ;)

  • Katie says:

    We are a TF family. Jacob recieved a little tooth holder from the dentist one time so when a tooth falls out that is what we put it in. It is also big enough to shove a couple dollars in to. However he hides it under his pillow and it is such a pain. I really wish that we would have done it so it sat on a dresser or shelf waiting for the TF. Usually we leave a couple dollars. It was $5 for the first tooth though since that was a big one!!! Yay for NHL!!! Congrats to him!

  • phyllis says:

    we are also a toothfairy family but it’s not always money, sometimes it’s a book or small toy. my advice is don’t start something you can’t carry on for every tooth if you think your kid will know it. one friend started making certificates and/or notes for each tooth and then missed one….oops! kid totally called her out on it…


  • Candi says:

    That is too funny! When Logan had his teeth cleaned around Thanksgiving, they told me had a loose tooth and would lose it “any day now”. I had NO idea he even had a lose tooth. My MIL was visiting and told me that he told her his tooth hurt but she didn’t think to tell me. So, I looked at it and sure enough it was lose.

    Well, would you believe that he still hasn’t lost it! Tonight at dinner he was saying his tooth hurt, so I looked at it. I was wiggling the one I knew was lose and it wasn’t very lose. He told me it wasn’t that tooth. Oh my, the one next to the one I THOUGHT he was loosing is very lose!! I think he will lose that one pretty soon.

    So, we’ve not had to deal with the Tooth Fairy yet, but Logan informed me that she might bring him a whistle. Apparently that is what Little Bear got from the tooth fairy since it is hard to whistle when you lose teeth. I had to laugh at his reasoning since he can’t whistle with teeth either.

  • Candi says:

    Please pretend that I used loose and lose correctly in all the right spots above….LOL!

  • How cute! My parents refused to do anything with the TF when I was growing up, and while I new it wasn’t real I just felt it wasn’t right that I didn’t at least get something. :D

    We are not there just yet this time around, but we usually give a small item. ie. Book, tooth brush, etc.

    Do you keep their teeth?