Kids television that you love to hate

How many of you have at least  one kids television show that bothers you so much?

Perhaps you will not allow your children to watch it, you need to leave the room when they do, or it actually makes your skin crawl. Admit it, there must be at least one or more of the childrens shows that gets on your last nerve.

When we found out that we were expecing for the first time, we let our family and friends know that there were two shows that were not acceptable in our eyes. We never wanted anything with Barney, you know the big purple dinosaur, thanks to being forced to watch too many of his videos when I worked in an educational store. His song makes me shudder to this day. The other no-no was the Teletubbies. Once again, too much of them when working retail in college. As an education major, I also had trouble with a show that did not talk properly. Just ask me what my opinion of Baby Bear on Sesame Street is, you will get quite an earful.

Back when NHL was really little I did not understand The Wiggles. Of course, he loved them. The singing and dancing kept his attention. It was wonderful when I needed to do something quickly. I could count on The Wiggles, not to babysit my child, but to keep him moving and singing. Since that time we have been to two Wiggles concerts and now JSL is becoming a huge Wiggles fan. He request their songs by demanding "Car Car" or "Quack Quack" frequently.

As NHL has grown his taste in programing change from week to week. Thank goodness we have been able to make him avoid Thomas. For some reason the slow pace of the show and voices just bother me. One that we have not been able to avoid recently is Dora the Explorer. NHL is intrigued by her teaching Spanish and even the little guy likes to dance to the music. On the rare occasision that Dora or Diego are on, I tend to tune them out.

The other night, JSL received a Diego giant pillow from Nana and Papa. He loved it and called it "Go-Go" thanks to the Diego theme song. Much to my delight, I captured the following video of JSL with Go-Go the other night. Please watch and see how much he "loves" Diego.


When I saw him doing this I kept thinking, wow I believe there are other characters that could use a nice dose of this!


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  • Jamie says:

    He is too cute!

    I am sooooo glad my girls don’t watch any shows that drive me nuts. For now. ;)

  • ginabad says:

    You left out “Yo Gabba Gabba”. And “Oswald”. And “LazyTown”. (Could Sporticus BE any more annoying??)

    He is adorable. And he reminds me of my Zoe, she beats up toys EXACTLY the same way!

  • Kmelion says:

    Unfortunately my girls had Barney… I refuse to download any episodes for Nati…

  • Christina says:

    I had to suffer through the teletubbies and the wiggles:) I don’t miss those days at all.

  • Susan says:

    I don’t have a problem with to many…Cailou is always hit a sour note with me. I am not big on Wonderpets only cause the song annoys me. N is getting into the older shows which I have the biggest problem with. The disobedience and the adults being protrayed as total idiots grates me.

  • My husband hates when my son watches Max and Ruby, the bunny cartoon on Nick. Dora the Explorer bugs me but my son seems to like it.

  • Nancy says:

    I’m totally with you on Barney, Teletubbies and even Baby Bear on Sesame Street. Baby talk drives me nuts! I also hate Oswald, so creepy.

    I can handle Diego (Eggo) and Dora (aka Boots), though Dora’s shouting gets old pretty quick. I’m not a fan of Spongebob, Alex loves him but we don’t let him watch it too often. Any of those Cartoon Network or even Nickelodeon cartoons – basically anything not on Noggin, PBS Kids or Playhouse Disney are not allowed in our house.

  • Anne says:

    lol never did like barney or the teletubbies. So cute the way he says byebye

  • Steffj89 says:

    The boys are not allowed spongebob, teletubbies, or bear in the big blue house….thankfully they are out of a lot of the lil kid type stuff and the only televisions that actually get programming are in our bedroom and the main living room so they have to ask permission and get a show turned on to be able to watch….
    they have a ton of their own videos which we have selected over the years and they can watch any of them on their dvd player in the playroom…the current favorite is the care bears and team geotrax….

  • Damselfly says:

    You mean Baby Beaw? ;)

    I can put up with a lot of kids’ shows, but the one you mentioned that gets to me is Thomas. It just seems so boring.

    Fly is just starting to get obsessed with Diego!