Grilling Goodness – Take 9



1. Did you learn anything new this week? – I learned that often times when companies ask you to watch a program for a survey that it is NOT what you expect. This one was definitely a "trick" for an ad campaign, not for the show. *sigh*

2. Will you wear green on St. Patty’s Day or do you not give a hoot?? – When I was teaching I got into the spirit and would wear a green shirt and put on St. Patty’s Day socks. Not sure what I will do this year.

3. Do you wash clothes throughout the week or only on a specific day? – I do it a few times a week so there is never too much waiting. Used to do it once a week and that was too much, especially in the winter with bulky clothing.

4. What is one of the most popular ‘spams’ you get in your junk email inbox? – Lots of Twitter Spammer follows – Ugh!

5. Are you where you want to be? (you decide the meaning of the question for your answer) Given the way the world is right now, I really can not complain. I have a house, hubby has a job, the boys are happy and healthy. Eventually I want other things, but they will hopefully come down the line.

6. Do you know how to swim? – Yes, I took swim lessons for years when I was growing up. I was very close to becoming a Life Guard, but had issues with the chlorine and my skin.

7. Do you take trips with your girlfriends? – No, I never have. I was hoping to try for one this summer, especially since I am probably not going to BlogHer.

8. What was your favorite purchase this week? (big or small) – Found a neat new item to take on the airplane for the kids. It is the Aquadoodle – My First Coloring Activity with Sesame Street. Looks really cute for JSL to use to "color" while going to Disney World. Similar to this.

Head over to Golden Goodness to play along!


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  • Tina says:

    1. Yuck…that’s like those silly ‘Free trip to wherever just for coming to our timeshare presentation’. Did that once…not sure I could ever do that again.

    5. You are blessed…I am blessed in the same way. Very good!

    8. Aquadoodles are neat! We have one and the kids love it!

    Thanks for playing along! Have a great day!

    Tina’s last blog post..Grilling Goodness #22

  • pam says:

    Fun way to get to know you!

  • I like the comment about laundry. I used to wait and do it all on Sunday but then I got a washing machine with a timed cycle and can delay it up to 10 hours. Makes doing laundry during the week much easier when all you have to do is come home and put it in the dryer. :)

    killlashandra’s last blog post..Best Shot Monday – At the Gorge