Nephew Birthday Party times two

It is so good to be home. It was an adventure of a weekend for many reasons. Saturday morning we packed the kids into the new car for our first trip with it. We had been invited to a double birthday party for our nephews today. Since my sister-in-law and her family live about 3 hours from us, we thought we would splurge and stay at a hotel over night for some fun.

2 year old nephew's cake        5 year old nephew's cake

We decided to stay at the same hotel as last year since it was a good deal and nice location. The only problem we had last time was uninvited ladybugs in our room. The hotel has  a pool and serves a nice free breakfast. If you follow me on Twitter, last night you saw that things were not going too well there. I barely slept three hours thanks to some issues. The troubles required me to call the front desk three times and I was tempted to call again later on, but gave up.

More about the adventures and fun swimming later. I am off to decompress after the lack of sleep and stress from last night and today.



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