Weekend away and pool time

When JL made the reservation at the hotel for the weekend, having a pool was a huge perk. One of the hotels had it closed for a function for the evening thanks to a party. We quickly said no to that hotel thanks to that and no free breakfast.

After going to the outlets on the way to the hotel (great deals on clothing and shoes for the kids), heading to an important store that is not close to home, and meeting my sister-in-law and her family for dinner we opted not to go in the pool Saturday. We figured the kids would be more fresh and enjoy it Sunday morning after a quick breakfast. What I fail to mention was the stress of getting lost twice after we arrived at our destination. Google Maps said the one store was on the left, nope on the right. We managed to quickly find our location. Going home from the mall at night was not the same. A 12 minute ride took us over 45 very stressful minutes. When we arrived back at our room after 9:00 I was already  in a mood. The noise issues going to 2:00 in the morning did not help.

The morning brought a new day and we were hoping to have some fun in the pool. I opted not to swim and take photos. This was partially thanks to my electric razor dying and needing a new part. Nol retailers locally  feel the need to sell said items for women, and only do for men. *sigh*   If you know of any online that sell the foil guard and blades please let me know.

NHL was told that he could not go in the pool right away. His behavior at breakfast left a lot to be desired. So he sat on the side looking around. He was not happy about it, but he sat patiently hoping that we would let him into the pool. 

Time out       Waiting patiently on the side

JL tried to take JSL into the water. When he put his little toes into the water the result was this: 

Did not want to swim

Note that rather large tear in his eyes. He was not happy and wanted nothing to do with the COLD water! I grabbed JSL, put him onto the sidelines and we allowed NHL to go into the water. JSL was really tired and happy to sit and watch. Plus he liked getting down to look at his Jibbitz. 

Little feet       Watching big brother swim

Meanwhile NHL adjusted to the cold water and had a blast with Daddy. 

Enjoying the COLD water

NHL played in the pool for 45 minutes or so. Then it was time for all of us to head back to the room to shower, get dressed and pack our things up. We had a double birthday party to head to. The pool time fun for NHL was well worth the money. Now if only the black mold in the shower had not ruined things so quickly (JL did not notice it, but to me it was hard to miss). I guess that should have been a sign that things were going to continue to go downhill.


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  • Oh that sad little face just melts my heart. How sweet is he?

    Upstatemomof3’s last blog post..Green for St Patrick’s Day

  • QCMOMMA says:

    OMG! I absolutely love that sad pic of JSL! That is just too precious! I am glad that NHL had such a good time after sitting on the sidelines for a while. Their jibitz are really cute too. My kids always complain that they hurt their feet and pull them off. I hope that everything was taken care of for you guys, sorry to hear you had such a hard time with the hotel.

    QCMOMMA’s last blog post..