I need to move it, move it

It is officially time to regroup and think about what is going on with my weight loss program of choice. Of course, I like to think of it as more of a healthy lifestyle change that will benefit the entire family. Right now I am not content with what is going on and I know I am to blame for most of it.

The Facts: 

  • I have been using Weight Watchers online for about six weeks now.
  • A set amount of points is given to me each day. I also receive six extra points since I am still nursing JSL.
  • We have been planning out all meals at home for dinners.
  • The past week we were out a lot with family in town, and more coming this week.
  • Not eating at our house tends to make me lazy and I did not track points as well.
  • Thanks to not tracking points I did not see the scale move down – it remained the same.
  • Since starting Weight Watchers online I have lost just under ten pounds.
  • From the start of 2009 I have lost about 16 pounds.
  • The weeks that I am most successful are the ones that I record my points
  • I know that I need to add exercise into my daily life. There is more to it than chasing around a toddler and five year old, and doing laundry/shopping.

Back in 2004, JL and I unofficially did Weight Watchers together. We started at around the same time and by July I had lost 60 pounds. I know I can do this. This time around I am five years older, have had another child and need to realize that lack of real exercise does not work. I am also nursing less and I think the six extra points may be excessive given the amount JSL nurses these days.

We own WiiFit, so I should be using that. The trouble is I am not really a fan of it. There is one thing that really bothers me about it. When you use the program, you see all of the stats from the other people using it (not weight or anything). To motivate myself, I want to simply work against my prior records, not those of my hubby who has been using WiiFit for longer. So rather than sucking it up and just dealing with it, I have chosen not to even use it. Silly I know, but it still bothers me along with the annoying trainers.

Thanks to this, I have been looking at exercise videos. I took one out of the library that is with Bob from The Biggest Loser and Leslie Sansone’s walking workouts really intrigue me. Last night I actually sat and checked a bunch of things on Exercise on Demand while getting JSL to sleep. Eventually I would like to work back up to Tae Bo since JL and I used to really enjoy that. If we clean out the playroom upstairs there will be the perfect amount of space to do that.

If you have any suggestions of videos please let me know.



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  • Laura says:

    Wow! You are doing awesome! I joined WW online but can’t seem to get into the swing of things. Can you be my WW buddy? lol

  • Nancy says:

    I agree with you that the Wii Fit should allow you to set your own bar instead of always competing against others that use it. I’m the one who uses it the most so I have all the records, but I know if Jon used it on a regular basis he would and that would frustrate me.

    I’ve heard great things about the Leslie Sansone videos but I haven’t used any of them. I used to do Tae Bo too and I loved it!

  • mari says:

    I want a WiiFit! I want a Wii! :) I will not let the hubby use it. Thanks for that info. He is very competitive, too.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway, btw, and thanks for the book rec. :)

  • Melanie says:


    My name is Melanie, I am from Billy Blanks’ Enterprises, and we are glad you enjoy the Tae Bo workouts!

    To thank you, we’d like to send you a free t-shirt! If you would send your t-shirt size and mailing address to info@billyblanks.com we will get that out to you.

    You can also check us out at billyblanks.com and teamtaebo.com

    Have a great day and enjoy your workouts!


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