Goodbye to a long time car

Our 1998 Toyota Corolla has a lot of memories that go with the 104,000+ miles. This is the car that JL had when we met. The trusty little car is the one that would make the treks to meet me at the outlets, or come here when we were still dating. The car is pretty much the last big item that we own from before getting married, almost eight years ago.

Car goes on last trip to school and work

This morning, JL and NHL ventured off to kindergarten and work in the Corolla for what will likely be the last time. As they made their way to the snow coated car I went outside to take some photos. Yes, I am being sentimental.

As terrifying exciting as it is to be getting a new car, it is like saying goodbye to an old friend. NHL would always go into the Corolla with JL on their way to daycare back in the day. It has also been the main mode of transportation to kindergarten each morning. Thanks to this, I felt it was fitting to have a photo of the big guy with the car that transported some of my precious cargo each day. 

Kindergarten kid off to school

Tomorrow I hope to be able to share photos of the boys making their way to school in our new car. What can you say, we are just doing our part to help and stimulate the economy.


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  • Kmelion says:

    My parents just got a new car (minivan of some sort) too.

    I remember my mom doing carpool in a Dodge Dart and by the time it went off to the junkyard, neither rear doors opened… can you imagine doing carpool with 4 or so 3rd graders having to climb over the front seat?

  • Toyotas are great cars aren’t they? We have two. Good luck with the new car. What did you get?

  • Nancy says:

    I take pictures of my cars before getting rid of them too, you’re not weird! Well you might be, but them so am I.

  • Susan says:

    Looks like our old Toyota, such good cars.

  • Julia says:

    Ha! I thought I was the only sappy person who was sad and sentimental to trade in an old car! We recently did too (last week!) and I was so sad…that car was the one that I picked up and drove on my first date with my husband. We brought our dogs home from the shelter in it…sped one to the emergency vet clinic in it as he almost died in the backseat, traveled to our honeymoon, etc. Well, good for you guys! You’ll love the new car.

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  • It is exciting getting a new car, and sad too thinking of all the memories with the old car. But hey, there will be new ones too. :) I’m excited your getting a new car. I’m going to go look for a picture.

    killlashandra’s last blog post..Snowy Trails

  • I still miss my old car! I can’t wait to see what you brought home. And the Sesame Street Live pics are incredible!!

    Mommy Cracked’s last blog post..Would You Take A Poll For Me?