New car and snow

When we woke up yesterday morning we knew it was going to be an exciting day.  We were going to trade in the old 1998 Toyota Corolla for a new car. Of course, a few things stood in our way. The car dealer needed the release on the lien, other papers had to be brought in, the loan had to be acquired and  a few other items. With the economy the way it is, and having been identity theft victims, we were a little nervous. The snow outside was just going to make things even more "interesting" in the scheme of things.

After JSL woke up from his nap, we went over to the dealer and brought the paperwork. I waited around while they looked it over. At that point they had me sign a paper that we were indeed going to purchase the car. As I was looking it over, I noticed that the money for the trade was missing. Ooops! That was fixed in seconds and I signed the proper forms. When I left they said they would call JL at work with figures on interest rates and loan offers.

JSL and I went to my parent’s house. My cousin M and her hubby B were in visiting from the other coast (more on their visit later). They had never met JSL before, so we went to spend time with them. Just before I went to pick up NHL from school I called JL at work. He said there was a little snaffu with the loan process. Apparently the security measures that we had put on our credit were working a little too well. He had to talk to the bank to finalize a few things. By the time I was at school getting NHL, we had a loan secured with a nice interest rate. 

Of course, the snow did not really let up most of the day. We did not get a lot of it, but there was a lot of blowing and drifting snow. It certainly added to the anxiety of getting the old car in for a trade and picking up the new one. My family watched the boys and we left for the car dealer to pick up the new car. This was just before 5:00.

After a comedy of errors that included me leaving the title at my parents house (thanks Dad for bringing it to me), forgetting the check book, and the car getting stuck on ice when we tried to pull out of the lot, we finally got back for dinner just before 7:00.

Oh, before I forget here are photos of our new "baby" from this morning: 

Our New Car

We are the proud new owners of a 2009 Nissan Sentra. Thanks to the size and amazing trunk space,  we will be able to use this car for mini trips to save on gas that my minivan guzzles. So yesterday we continued to do our share to help the economy and put ourselves into debt again. Not having a car loan for a few short months was nice, but this was a needed acquisition.



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  • Katie says:

    Love the baby! Congrats on helping the economy!! LOL. We are looking to do the same, possibly, soon. Not sure, we have talked about taking on another car payment. I will say that I actually really like the Sentra’s. And if your new baby is anything like the one I have…it will have 136,000+ miles on it and keep on ticking!

  • I used to own a Sentra!! I loved it. It was my fist car and I think it would have lasted forever if I hadn’t smashed it up. :) Great new baby I love it!!!

  • Kim says:

    It’s pretty! Hope y’all love it!!

    Kim’s last blog post..This & That

  • Nancy says:

    Very nice! Drive it in good health.

    *throws virtual change into the backseat*

    Don’t you love that new car smell? :)

    Nancy’s last blog post..WW: Sleep wins

  • Shelley says:

    Love the new car! Congratulations. May you, too, have many new adventures in the new vehicle :)

  • It is a “new” car! How super exciting. I’ve only been able to buy the classic new used models. What fun. I hope you guys like it. :)

    killlashandra’s last blog post..Snowy Trails

  • Audrey says:

    I got a new car a month ago. It has done nothing but rain ever since. My poor car is just rain spotted. I hope you enjoy your new car as much as I’m enjoying mine.

    Audrey’s last blog post..Dos and Don’ts in Parenting