Helpless Mommy Syndrome

Just 24 hours ago I thought JSL was doing better. His fever broke Sunday night and his  temperature was back down to 97 (he has low normal temperature). He floored me and asked to "walk and kick" with Leslie Sansone. By the time it was noon, it was up to 99-100. It never got above that during the day. I gave him small amounts of Motrin, per nurses orders, to help with his discomfort from the ear infection. Last night before bed he was playing, running and laughing with Nana and Papa. He settled into bed in my old room and wanted to sleep with a pillow over his head. Here is my silly little monkey.

Playing peek-a-boo

Here are his sweet little feet at about 8:30 last night.

Sweet little toddler feet

Soon after this he fell asleep and was very content sleeping comfortably.

Sleeping peacefully

While surfing online and sitting in a chair by the bed, I listened to JSL’s breathing. It was getting more labored. Then at about 10:00, in the faint light, I noted his cheeks were bright red. I stayed pretty calm at that point and grabbed the ear thermometer and checked things.


Please start the panic mode. I ran to my mother and told her he was burning up. With Motrin in him just two hours earlier he was spiking a fever again. Flashbacks of the two febrile seizures just three weeks ago haunted me. This was the exact reason I stayed with the boys at my parent’s house. I did not want something like this to happen and be alone while JL went to Grandma’s funeral.

I quickly pulled his PJ’s off and he saw there shivering from the soaring temperature in his onesie. Papa tried to keep him focused and he would laugh at his silly antics from time to time. When I attempted to put a cloth on his forehead, thighs and arms he was beyond agitated. He cried in agony, similar to when I tried to go near his infected ear.

Burning up    Red red fever face

Every two hours I set the alarm, woke JSL up for more fever reducers. He was Still feverish most of the night. This morning he woke up and was quite cranky, but the temperature is down again. Needless to say I called our doctor’s office and we are going in early this afternoon to get that ear and the rest of him checked again. After three days of antibiotic we should not be spiking a 103+ fever.

With any luck we will have answers and JL will be home later in the afternoon.




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