Pre-Disney travel stress

We head to Disney World very soon and there is a ton that need to get done. Lists need to be made and items need to be bought and packed. If I sat and really thought about it long enough I think my head would start to spin.

Can you tell a big family vacation is new to this mommy of almost 6 years?


Seriously, I know I just need to sit down with JL and we have to make a "game plan" of sorts. The lists of items to pack has to be done. From there, we will determine whether we have all of said items. Then I have to get my rear in gear and pack things. Thank goodness we are going on an airline that still allows two checked pieces of luggage per passenger. That means IF we wanted we could haul eight suitcases stuffed with things. Of course, that is not my plan. I would like to stay with 4 or under. Please realize that one of them will likely be filled with diapers, wipes and breakfast supplies/snacks. The great part of that is it will be ready to load up with items we take home from Disney.

I must admit that our Vice President, Joe Biden, did not help matters this morning when he went on the Today Show and basically said he would not advise his family to travel by plane anywhere these days. Thanks Joe!

*shaking head*

I can not wait to see the damage control that comes out of the White House on that one.

Seriously, Swine Flu is in the back of my mind since we are traveling to a place that packs in a ton of people, including many international visitors from Mexico. Of course, I worry more these days about JSL and another ear infection on our trip since it will be a little over a week after he is done with his antibiotic. I won’t even mention my fear of bedbugs at hotels since those are raging out of control all over the country.

So, for those of you that have traveled with kids a lot. . . how do you stay settled and make sure you pack everything that you need? Any words of wisdom and thoughts on items that are a must to take for the vacation, or to entertain the kids on the airplane, would be greatly appreciated.

Now I am off to think about the fun we will have exploring Disney World with the boys for the first time.

Disney honeymoon memories - 2001


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  • Start with the list, cause nothing gets done right without the list!
    Start taking you vitamin C, build up those immune systems, this might put your mind at some ease.
    Finally pack the diapers (and swim diapers) first that is one thing I won’t want to buy in Flordia. Maybe consider buying a pack of pull-up training pants too. You might find yourself in a unsavory bathroom and it might be easier to do a stand-up diaper change :)

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  • QCMAMA says:

    I made a lists and lists and more lists. :) I always end up taking way more than neccessary but with kids you never know what might happen. The baby is going out of town for 4 days this weekend with her grandma, yeah I am trying not to think about it or the waterworks will start, anyway I am packing her a complete pack of diapers, a full can of formula, probably enough clothes to clothe 10 children for the amount of time she will be gone. It’s hard getting little ones ready to leave home.
    On the plane for my 2 oldest when we flew to Houston I let each of them pack a back pack for a carry on with some books to read, color wonder color books and markers, and a few toys to keep them entertained.
    It really wasn’t as hectic once we were on the plane as I had first thought. Oh but please skip the ‘kid leashes’ well at least on any escalators. lol.
    Sorry to ramble so long, I hope you got some help out of my plethera of words. :)

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  • First off I make a list of all the things we need. Then I go over it over and over again! I start with individual family members. One by one. I list everything that I would like to have. Then I start packing – placing all non-necessary items in a seperate suitcase. So, I can choose to bring it or not when the time comes. Then I make a plan for everyday. What I want to do that day – when during the day we will have downtime (so important with little kids – go swimming, take a nap, or something less active) – what my plan for dinner will be. Then I leave it for a day or two and then I go over it all again.

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