ROAR says the lion hat

JSL is going to be two in just over a month. For as long as we can remember he has loved wearing hats. If he finds a winter hat in the middle of the summer he puts it on and goes around chanting "hat" over and over again. His love of hats goes even further. He always notices hats on characters. Super Grover’s hat has become a favorite, along with the one on Goofy.

We have not bought JSL a birthday gift yet. Since we will be in Disney World for his big day, we figured we would look for something there. Talk about a hat paradise. We know that there will be plenty of items to pick from that he will love. Whether he wants Goofy ears, Mickey Ears, or any of the other items that Disney now makes they will be there.

The other night JSL found a hat that NHL received at nursery school. Once he placed it on his head he immediately became a lion. Here is my little lion in action:

So my question to you. Do you have any suggestions on where to get more fun hats just in case he does not end up loving the items at Disney World? We would love to have different ones for imaginary play.


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