My first kindergarten kid

For the past nine months I have been able to refer to NHL as my kindergarten kid. It is hard for me to believe that the little boy who went to kindergarten is now practically finished. Today, I sat at the kindergarten graduation half paying attention. You see, I was sitting there not only trying to wrangle my two year old, but I was also fighting back tears. As I watched NHL’s serious little face in the front row it really hit hard. Tears started to well up in my eyes and are doing so now as I type.

My first born baby is not a baby anymore. NHL went into kindergaten in Septermber still looking like a little boy. Now, you see hints of a little man showing through. We have had our ups and downs this year, but there is no denying how much NHL has grown physcially and academically. It still blows my mind to realize that my son can read. Not only can he recognize sight words, he can actually decode larger words using phonics. He is making the reading teacher in me so proud. Now I watch as he gets a twinkle in his eyes when he picks up a book and actually reads it to his little brother. There is no more spelling to hide things from him, JL and I may have to resort to sign language.

I truly hope that NHL’s excitement for learning more math, science, social studies…and reading lots of books will never end. My little boy is growing up so quickly before my eyes. This summer, I hope to slow down tand make more of an effort to enjoy our special time together.

Photos from graduation are not off the camera just yet. For now I will share pictures of my kindergaten kid from last week. The two kindergarten classes had a special day with pony rides, games and pizza. Here is NHL’s first time on a horse. 

First time riding a pony

There is no doubt in my mind that NHL will remember his year in kindergarten forever. My kindergarten kid has made me very proud this year and I look forward to seeing him spread his wings more in first grade and beyond.


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