2009 Father’s Day Wishes

Growing up I was very lucky. Both of my parents were in my life. Many of my friends had fathers that were never home or involved with them. Dad made the most of his time with us. He played baseball and taught my brother and I how to be catchers. Dad was the one that showed us how to appreciate wild rides at amusement parks, along with the ability to loathe the Yankees. Over the last almost six years, I have watched my father take on the new role, that of proud Papa. There is just something about watching your father let go and be carefree with your own kids. Papa is a huge part of our lives and I am so glad for that.


Goofy Papa

When I first met JL, I knew he was going to be a fantastic father. As soon as NHL was born, he proved me right. JL does everything for the boys and always puts their needs first. He is beyond caring, patient and loving. The boys light up at the end of the day when he walks through the door. Watching my three boys play together always bring a smile to my face.

The boys with Buzz Lightyear

I hope that all of the fathers out there have a special day. I hope that both of the most wonderful fathers in my life know just how important they are to me. I love you JL and Dad and hope you know how much you both mean to me.


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