Playing catch up and the kindergarten blues

It is hard to believe that it is well into June already. Kindergarten kid has less than two weeks of school left and he will be a first grader. This has caused some anxiety for the little guy. NHL does not do well with change. Of course, a lot of this has to do with the absolute hell that he went through when we tried the Montessori school for PreK in September 2007. Similar to the end of last year, NHL is acting out. Today it finally hit on me as to why. He has no idea what to expect in first grade and has loved kindergarten. He does not want it to end. Of course, this only dawned on me after several days of the poor kid crying and having nightmares. None of this excuses NHL’s behavior, but it certainly explains it. Talking with the school nurse helped me to see the light. NHL went to her with an earache today. I mentioned to her how he did not want to go to school this morning and I think he was trying to go home.

Last night was a rough evening. When we went to sleep a horrible thunder storm was coming into the area. Our house was actually shaking when we heard the thunder. We closed everything down and listening to the hail pound outside the house. When we went to sleep at close to midnight everything was still on. At about 12:30 last night I was really warm and woke up. The room was pitch black. No television on, no clock and no fan. I woke JL up and we got flashlights to see what time it was. We found the number to the power company and called. I finally got a person there and found out that there were 1800 people with no power in our are and they projected it to return between 3-4 in the morning. I was thrilled when less than 40 minutes later everything came back on.

Of course, my mind was racing a mile a minute. I could not settle down and sleep. I was thinking about NHL. What are the three of us going to do this summer. Should I try to send him to camp? What are my options for next year if he is not in the first grade class that would be most beneficial to him. The list of things goes on, but you get the point.

Thanks to all of this and trying to take care of things for school (I am the room parent), I am still playing catch up with blog posts. I have three more days of our Disney trip and two days at the lake with family to name a few. I hope to get them caught up soon.

So while my brain is still on warp speed, let me see what ideas you may have:

What are some inexpensive things that I can do with the two boys this summer?

Remember that JSL just turned two and NHL will be six at the end of the summer. Trying to figure things out is turning out to be very stressful. I worry that it is going to be a very long summer if we do not have something to get out and do, especially with other children (and adults for me).


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