Smile update – part 2

Check out NHL’s grin, do you notice anything different?

Guess who is coming to visit?!

As a comparison, this is a photo taken a little over a week ago:

All grins

Yes, NHL lost his second tooth today. Once again, the adult tooth came in behind his baby tooth (history of the toothy fun can be found here). I figured we would work on it and see what happened since he had a dentist appointment coming up. Today was the dentist appointment. Last night, TechyDad tried to get the tooth out, but it did not go well (to say the least).

When we arrived at the dentist office, he knew it would probably get pulled since it really was close to coming out. When the dentist came in after his teeth were cleaned, she agreed. Given his worries and the "fun" trying to get it out, she would see what would happen. She applied some of their magic numbing gel onto the area, let him sit for about two minutes. Then she asked him to open his mouth. As he was trying to complain, she got her hand in and pulled the tooth out. It seriously happened so quickly that NHL could not believe it was out.

So this evening, the Tooth Fairy will be coming again and then we wait to see if/when the next teeth start to wiggle. Oy!


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