Head + concrete = trip to ER

Dear JSL,

Yesterday afternoon was filled with a lot of crying, panic and rushing about. We were having a great day. We spent time with Nana and Papa. After a while we went to BJ’s to do some shopping. You slept while we shopped. Then you woke up in time to have some potato chips for lunch. Soon it was time to head to school to pick up your big brother. I was excited to hear how he did on his first ever spelling test. You were still pretty tired, but I could not take the stroller out of the trunk.

NHL came out of school and we were walking back to my car. Another teacher stopped us to ask a question. You and NHL were right next to me, my back was turned ever so slightly. Then I heard a sound that haunted me in my sleep. It was a horrifying THUD and it echoed like nothing I have ever heard before. There was a pause, time seemed to stop. . . and then I heard you scream. My heart sank as I quickly realized that terrible noise was your forehead making a B-line for the cement.

NHL’s kindergarten teacher saw the entire thing. You just slipped on your own feet and went down hard. I knew we had to go into the building. I rushed right into the nurses office. When we arrived in there you were screaming even louder. I moved your hair back and saw blood and started to freak. I imagined the worse. You never passed out, but were quite woozy. All I can say is thank goodness the nurse was right there. The nurse kept an ice pack on your head and kept you focused and listening to her. Meanwhile I called Nana and Papa to come quick. Then I put a call in for the doctor and called Daddy to meet us at the ER.

When Nana and Papa arrived we quickly moved out of the school to the car and went to the ER. I had to stop myself from recalling the past visits there, but it was not easy. After what seemed like forever they took us back and two doctors looked at you. By the time I took the first photo in the ER the swelling had gone down a little. The second is when we were finally back home.

In the ER about 2 hours after fall    Back home and swelling down a little

After a while they said that you seemed fine. They did not think that you had a concussion, but we were to keep a close eye on you. We went back home and you ate a little dinner and some chocolate seemed to make you a happy little guy. Then it was time for bed. You fell asleep quickly, but were fussy several times during the night. No doubt you had nightmares of what had happened like I did. 

Sleeping after a rough day

I hope that the rest of the weekend goes more smoothly. I am not sure we can handle much more excitement. As it is, Daddy and I are seriously starting to think about buying you full hockey goalie gear to protect you.




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