Mystery of The Smiths – solved

At the end of last year, NHL begged me to let him take the bus to and from school. We are not a busing district, but live far enough away that they will provide transportation. Against my better judgment we allowed NHL to try this out. Over the summer, they denied us busing since we are 1.42, not 1.5 miles from the school. After review from the supervisor, it was determined that we would qualify. We told him that we would take NHL to school and only use the bus after school.

A few weeks before NHL started school, he started to have nightmares. He would wake up in a panic and say he did not want to take the bus. When we asked why he said "because of The Smiths."  The Smiths? We tried to figure out what he was talking about. We asked other parents and children at school what this could be and nobody had a clue. School started last week and NHL still refused to take the bus. He insisted he did not want to because of The Smiths. . . so the mystery continued. We opted to pick our battles and not push the bus issue.

On Thursday, when I went to pick NHL up from school I had to go back into the building with NHL to use the bathroom before we went on an errand. As we walked to the bathroom, the office made an announcement on the PA system. NHL stuck his head back out and yelled at me "See Mommy, The Smiths – that’s why I won’t take the bus!"

My wheels started to turn. I had heard the announcement, but nothing was said about any Smiths. Then the light bulb went off and I had to control my hysterical laughter. Are you ready to hear what the announcement was?

"All 2nd grade walkers may be DISMISSED!"

In the garbled unclear PA voice my son heard "The Smiths" and thought that dismissed was something scary and did not want to take the bus because of it.

When we high tailed it back outside to JL and JSL, I was proud to announce to JL that the mystery of The Smiths has been solved. I told him the story and we both stood there laughing. Of course, once we calmed down we explained to poor NHL why we were laughing and what dismissed means. He smiled, laughed with us and felt much better about things.

Of course, he still does not want to take the bus and I am not going to push it now if he is doing well adjusting to life in the first grade.

So, do you have any kid talk funnies to share with me from recently? Would love to get a good laugh.


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  • Nancy says:


    You may have seen this on my FB status yesterday. We went on a hike up in the mountains, so we were talking about climbing the mountain. Zach starts asking about the “yadder.” He wanted to know where the ladder is, to climb the mountain! Then while walking on the trail we came to a steep part where they have stairs built in. Zach was very happy to find his yadder. :)
    .-= Nancy´s last blog ..Weekending =-.

  • QcMama says:

    I feel so behind. I haven’t had much access to the internet since we moved to the ‘boonies’ lol. That is too cute about NHL. N came out the other day and said “mommy, can I wear my tacky pants?” I looked at him confused and said “why would you want to do that?” He said “they’re my favorite mom!” When I looked up I saw that he actually wanted to wear his KHAKI pants. lol. I told him of course he could wear his tacky pants whenever he wants. :)