Lots of learning in 1st grade

Dear NHL,

Today was a rough day for all of us. For some reason, every little thing was a battle. You were defiant, rude, and had a major attitude. We are not sure where you picked up this behavior, but it has to end. Daddy and I hope that this is not something you do at school since your teacher has never mentioned it. Even if we are upset with you, always know that we love you.

This week, you got your first progress report at school. Your teacher said that you love to learn and pick up new things quickly. You received an "E" (excellent) in almost everything and the rest were all S+ (just under the E). The only thing she mentioned is that you need to work on sitting and raising your hand since you get so excited to share your thoughts. This is definitely a skill that most first graders learn during the year, so we are not worried. As you know, Mommy taught first grade and remembers all of the kiddos with the wiggles. We can not wait to see your full report card, which we get the day before we see The Wiggles.

Another big event from the past week was finally starting Hebrew School. The first week was before all of the Jewish Holidays at the end of September and start of October while we were at Cousin S’s birthday party. Thanks to all of the time off and a new teacher, you were a little worried. We walked you in to meet your teacher and left you. When we came back three hours later, you were happy. You talked about making your Torah and having fun during Israeli Dance time.

Torah time

Tomorrow, we will talk to your teacher to let her know that your homework was a little confusing for us. As you saw tonight, Mommy and Daddy can read Hebrew some, but we do not know much in the way of vocabulary.




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