Brotherly tickle attack

Dear NHL & JSL,

This week, the two of you have been amazing to watch. Sure you fight from time to time, but most of the time you have been great with each other. You will both pile onto NHL’s bed and read books together. Other times, you will go into your room and play with the train tracks. Several times, you both danced around in the living room listening to songs playing on Pandora Radio via the Roku Player. One of my favorite moments was captured Monday night. You were both ready for bed and jumped onto the couch. I was getting a new picture of JSL with Tigger. When he was done, NHL took it. The little guy was a little jealous of this. He decided to do a tickle attack on big brother. Since I was standing right there I took photos of the events.

Brotherly tickle attack

I hope that the two of you keep having fun together. One day, I may need to show this to myself to remember the days when you did not fight.




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