3 Years of Blogging today

On February 4, 2007, I was about 6-7 months pregnant with my second son. I had just had quite a medical scare with my pregnancy and was trying to enjoy the time with our oldest son NHL before the new little guy’s arrival.

For several months, I had been following along while a few of my friends shared their blogs. I would check in to see what was new in their lives. That night I was tired, uncomfortable and did not feel like lesson planning for school. Rather than do work, my friend helped me to set up my first blog (originally on LJ). The first post was nothing big and exciting. Simply testing things out and stating my purpose of sharing events of the day. As I was getting to know LJ that evening I made a second post. As you can tell, back in those days I liked the flashing, funny saying buttons. You know like this one that helped to inspire my tag line:

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That same evening, I decided to write about the events of the day. We had taken NHL to his first ever Sesame Street Live. We were all in love with the show and I figured it was a great chance to try and put photos of ours onto the blog. Nothing fancy was done, but I eventually got them there. Over the last three years, I have outgrown using the flashy buttons (thank goodness) and focused more on sharing memories through photos in creative ways.

Although my blogging style has matured over the last three years, the purpose of my blog has not changed. Blogging is a creative and fun way for me to capture memories of my family, share items with family/friends and meet fabulous new people.  My blog has long since moved from LJ and I now have my very own header that I adore. These days I not only do I write about my family, but also about events of the world, reviews of products we have bought/been asked to try, and do giveaways.

I am a Mommy Blogger and proud to say it. Being a Mommy blogger has given me opportunities that never would have happened other wise. I have met wonderful people, formed great online friendship for people that I genuinely care for, and found something that I truly enjoy doing. If it was not for blogging, I never would have gone onto Twitter and beyond and be heading to my first conference in a short time and to BlogHer ’10 in NYC with TechyDad.

I'm Going: Social Media Moms Celebration

Thank you to my family, friends and readers that have been there supporting me since day one. To all of the wonderful PR people and companies that I have worked with – thank you for the amazing opportunities past, present and in the future. Without  all of you, your inspiration and comments, I would have stopped having fun and quit long ago. I have always promised myself that the minute blogging becomes a chore, it will be time to stop. Here is to wishing that that time never comes!

I am working on something special for my readers to celebrate my 3 years of blogging. For now, I will open up to questions you may have for me. So feel free to ask away!



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