Diagnosis strep throat

Dear JSL,

Yesterday afternoon, I took you back to the doctor. There was no way that we could go into the weekend with a raging fever that was not responding to Motrin and Tylenol. You were seriously making us worry since you have had four febrile seizures less than three years. For over a week, we had not really seen you smile or laugh.

The doctor was also worried about things. He checked you out from head to toe and was stumped. Ears looked good, throat was fine, lungs clear. Your glads were very swollen, so we knew your body was fighting something off. Before he jumped to running a blood test, he opted to culture your throat. Just a few minutes later, the nurse from the other doctor that we saw on Tuesday came in with news. You had strep throat.

Thank goodness we finally had answers about why you were so miserable. It explained why your temperature was getting worse by the day. The best news, we could treat it quickly with antibiotics and make you feel better. The odd thing to everyone, you never complained about your throat bothering you, although not eating make have been a clue.

Today, you were a bundle of energy. You helped to vacuum around the house, played with your brother and there were lots of smiles and Robot JSL Pup-Pup laughs. You also entertained Nana and Papa with your quirky sense of humor.

Finally feeling better

Those sweet little smiles and laughs made my heart feel so happy and put my mind at ease after a long week filled with worries. I am so glad that you are feeling better and getting back to yourself.




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