Sporting Spring Shades

Dear NHL and JSL,

Today, we went out to enjoy the sun while it is here. They are saying that the next four or more days are going to be filled with a lot of rain. We started off going to Home Depot to get some seeds and soil to plant veggies. NHL, you insisted on getting peas to grow. You were also happy that we decided to get some kirby cucumbers like Mimi and Papa taught you to love. JSL, you really did not care too much what we bought. You just liked sitting in the car cart and wanted to hold packages of seeds. In the end, we bought green squash, kirby cucumbers, roma tomatoes, peas, basil, and colorful mix of peppers.

Getting ready to plant

From here, we decided to see if another store had sun glasses for Daddy’s glasses. We also hoped that they would have Topsy Turvy for tomatoes. When we arrived at the sun glasses area, I immediately spotted something. They had Phineas and Ferb shades, as well as some that looked like Tigger. The two of you went crazy. You begged for new shades. Daddy and I knew that you could use them, so we agreed. You were both so excited.

We continued to shop and found Topsy Turvy for not only tomatoes, but also strawberries. That really got us thinking about strawberries. Although they would probably grow well in our yard, the resident bunny would probably eat them all. So we bought one of each to try on the porch. We will head back to Home Depot later to get a few of the strawberry plants rather than starting those from seeds.

After lunch, we went outside to play and clean out the front porch. It was time to ditch the winter gear and get things inside ready for planting. Of course, this was the perfect time for both of you to test our your new shades.

New shades

You both loved them and had plenty of fun in the sun. NHL, after you fell on the sidewalk while running you were not a happy camper. Your hand hurt, so you opted to read a book on our new chairs. Needless to say, JSL had to follow along and get a book as well. Now, we just have to hope that our seeds will grow and we can pick lots of fruit and veggies from our unique garden this summer.




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  • RobMonroe says:

    Love the kid-pics!

    Have you all tried green beans? They are the only thing that our family can seem to grow consistently. The next year I can have a garden we will go at peas, too. :o)
    .-= RobMonroe´s last blog ..Moving Update =-.