My computer savvy kid

Dear NHL,

It does not surprise me that you are a big fan of all things related to computers. I firmly believe that you would give up television if you could have your own computer. Thanks to Daddy, you have been learning a lot of skills. With all of this knowledge, you are pretty excited when we allow you to use the computer. You want  to go online to educational websites, and know all about what Mommy and Daddy do with Social Media and beyond. 

Today, while Daddy was pulling down the fence in the backyard you were tired and asked to go inside. When we got inside, you immediately asked to use my computer. I agreed since you had not used the computer a lot this week. You immediately went to the internet and to I thought you would go to, but you surprised me with something different.

Once you found what you wanted, you were all set. I went outside to check on things quickly. When I came back inside, you were dancing and singing along. Of course, your little brother was excited to see what was going on. You let him climb up next to you and showed him the ropes.

Computer geeks in training

It has been so much fun watching you learn to do everything on the computer. I can not wait for us to teach you even more items that will keep you ahead in the future. With your new found love of Star Wars, you are most definitely a proud geek in training.




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