Roof be gone. . . literally

Roof be gone

This just has to have some words this week. Tuesday afternoon, the sky was turning black when I went to pick NHL up from school. I let him play on the playground for a few minutes. Then the rain started to come down a little and we ran to the car. We made it home as the wind started to gust. Within seconds of getting into the house, we could not tell it was day time and the hail started. The wind was horrible. I went to unplug the computer and get the kids to sit on the couch. The lights flickered and for a while the storm surged outside. The wind and sounds outside were unreal.

When it was over, I thought we were lucky. Many people in the area had no power. Ours stayed constant. TechyDad was making dinner and my parents stopped by to see the kids quickly. When I went to follow them outside to say goodbye, something caught my eye. There a metal area on the roof that did not look right to me.

I did not check alone. I went inside and asked hubby to come quickly outside. We went back onto the sidewalk and to our horror saw the hole in our roof (the flat rubber section) with birds flying into it. I immediately wanted to be sick. I called my parents to come back over to see it. Then, I ran inside to call the insurance company. They have people calling in the morning. I was given a number of a person to call Tuesday night to try to get a tarp put up. Unfortunately, they told me that it would be too dark and could not do it. So, tonight, little sleep will be had as we hope that the scattered thunder storms STAY AWAY until we can get a tarp up.

*sigh*   Dull moment I could really use you!


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