Wandering NYC and better NY State license plates

On Friday, I wrote about the ugly new license plates in New York State. If you missed that post, you need to check out how far we came over my lifetime, only to go back 10-15 steps. Ugh!

While in NYC for BlogHer, TechyDad and I opted to walk around the streets by the Hilton for a little while. Please note, we were so close to everything it was amazing. We walked a block over to Broadway. First, we saw this:


We opted not to have pizza there and continued to walk down. . .

Broadway in NYC Baby!

I drooled and wished that we had tickets to see this:

Want to see this SO bad

Sad to say, we did not get to see that or the following:

This Mama would have loved to see this

We kept walking down and saw marque after marque of plays we would not get to see along with other interesting signs. Then we went into the Hershey Store for a few minutes.

More sights along Broadway in NYC

There was a lot to see, but it was nothing like their home store in Hershey, PA.

Hershey Store NYC

Across the street was another chocolatey retail wonder. Here is the sign as it changed outside:


We had to go inside to wander around the three stories to compare it to the Las Vegas store. Not quite as much, but my oh my a lot of M&M packed into one NYC store!

M&M items galore

While there, we saw the solution to the UGLY new New York State license plates. Here they are:

Should be our new plates

After this, we went back toward the Hilton and stopped by Ray’s Pizza for some slices to go. We wandered back around the corner to the Hilton and went back to the 31st floor to inhale, and relax before day 2 of BlogHer. 

REAL NY pizza time

More on BlogHer10 coming soon.


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