Trying to forget and live in the moment

Stress. It is something that has been invading my life a lot in recent weeks. Rather than talk about it today, I am off to enjoy a day playing Candy Land and running in the sun with my little guy.

Learning and Playing

For a few minutes, I will try to forget about:

  • Hysterics from the 3 year old at nursery school drop off
  • Negative e-mails/calls from many sources
  • Failure of our education system to assist gifted students
  • Inability to control schedules of all kinds

I know that is very vague, but a snap shot of several big items that have constantly been on my mind. Once again, I fully admit that being an adult is very, very, very overrated.


As I head off, I must remind myself of one very important item. I am not failing as a parent. The system is failing most children. I am the best advocate for my children and will never give up in my fight for their rights.


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