Getting ready for Halloween 2010

Dear NHL and JSL,

The two of you are so excited about Halloween this year. Since you were both sick a year ago, we did not have a lot of celebrating to do. Last night, we went to the school Halloween party. The two of you got dressed in your costumes and were ready to go in minutes.

Off to the Halloween Party

When we got there, you both ran to the doors of the gym. Once inside, you were in love with all of the fun games to play. Of course, the prizes in the end were also a nice perk.

Halloween Party Fun

Then, after some pizza and a radioactive looking drink, you both decorated a pumpkin. JSL was so proud of his work.

Proud little Tigger

Today, we decided to carve our pumpkin. When it was time to do it, only JSL was really excited. Of course, that changed you were asked to touch the pumpkin guts. This was the first pumpking that we have carved (more about that soon).

Pumpkin Carving Time

Lots more fun coming tomorrow. I can not wait to watch the two of you trick-or-treating together, the way it always should be.




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