Where did my car go?

As everyone knows a giant storm hit the northeast of the United States Sunday into Monday. For days we were told it would not come into our area, then it suddenly hugged the coast a lot more and BAM – 10-12 inches of snow were here. The difference with this storm was the drifting snow. Snow banks around the house were several feet high in sections. At one point I looked outside the window and could barely see my car. Although not a great photo, it does get the point across.

Yes - that is my car

The wind had taken all of the snow from my neighbor’s roof  and planted it on and around my car. Thanks to this, I knew I had to go outside to get some photos. I got my snow gear on and went on an adventure. Please be my guest as I show you around our house.

We will begin with a view of the front snow piles and yard:

View of out front

Then it was time to check out my car. Here are views of the back and front. You can see where all of the snow from the roof landed. It was tough trying to get there thanks to the depth of the snow.

The car and heading to the back yard

After that I opened up the fence to shovel a path to the back door. Here is the yard:

The great white yard

I did not expect to stay outside long. After being in bed sick for several days, I knew I shouldn’t do much. Of course over 30 minutes later, I was shoveling out a path from the back of the house to the front. Chalk that up under a dumb moment. It felt good at the time, but later on I knew it was a mistake. TechyDad also posted some photos of his time out in the snow.

So did you get snow by you? If you did, how much? If no snow by you, would you like some?

The wind is still pretty bad today. If it settles down I have a feeling the boys will demand to go outside and play in the snow.


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  • Oh, wow. That’s a lot of snow. I grew up, partially, outside of Chicago, and I remember those mornings when my parents would groan about having to shovel and scrape and heat up the car and get it going. And then having to drive through the snow and across the ice. I hope it’s not too bad on you, though!
    Holly at Tropic of Mom´s last blog post ..Happy hollydays!

  • Jen says:

    I would love snow. We did get flurries a couple days ago (rare in FL) but they melted before they hit the ground.
    Jen´s last blog post ..Meet Sally