Goodbye Tooth #5

Dear NHL,

Over the last three weeks, you have lost three new teeth. The latest came out while you were waking up this morning. I have to admit, I am VERY glad to see this tooth gone. For quite some time, this pesky tooth has been twisted in the front of your mouth. We knew that it was probably ready to come out, but it did not want to give.

On the snow day last week, JSL bumped into your face. You were hurt and came running to me. I immediately saw blood coming from your mouth. I feared the worst since we were getting 13” of snow outside. Luckily, it was just your brother knocking your tooth into a new direction.

That little tooth held on for another week. Friday while in school you must have eaten something that bothered it and once again it started to bleed. When you told me about this, I will admit I was starting to plot how to help you get that top front tooth out.

Thankfully your tooth must have had enough. Now we have to get ready for another visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight. Here’s a look at your rather toothless smile:


Keep up the great work getting the teeth out on your own. I have a feeling we may have the other top one coming out sooner rather than later. Man, you sure are giving the Tooth Fairy a workout.




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