Winter Woes

That’s it. . . I have had enough of this winter weather. I knew December was too mild and would come back to haunt us later on.

Welcome January!

January has been cruel with lots of snow, ice, and temperatures not even coming close to 32 in weeks. Tonight we are supposed to dip down to –14. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. I have not left the house this weekend and am not planning on it right now.

I keep hearing reports from TechyDad about the ice dams on our roof and I want to cry. No matter what we do they keep forming on the one side of the house. I have a feeling the insulation under the now replaced section of the roof is shot. We will have to address the obvious problem with our contractor this spring.

So this is my message to Mother Nature:

Bye-Bye Winter

If you need to vent, please use the comments below. I know how it can sometimes help.


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  • Stacie says:

    Do you have one of those shovels for removing the snow from the roof?

    We broke a snow fall record in December. Callistus and Connor went up on the roof and shoveled it off with regular shovels. I was a little nervous, but it helped.