This Number Should Be Illegal For Temperatures

Negative thirteen I would not and could not make this up. That was a picture that TechyDad took when he was taking NHL to school this morning. According to the weather people, not only is it –13 outside, but it is quite windy. Once we factor in the wind chill it actually feels like it is –24.

So how do you send your child to school in this type of weather? The answer is layers. Lots and lots of layers!

Time for School

NHL is wearing sweats, topped with a zip up hoody, boots, hat, two pairs of gloves, his coat, two hoods, and a scarf to protect his face. My guess is he will still feel the sting and not be warm enough. Luckily he does not have to walk far to the car and into school.

Now I am off to curl up under a blanket. For the second night in a row JSL had nightmares and was in our bed. I did not sleep since he kept kicking me.

Stay warm everyone!


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