Teaching Kids About Bullies – Catch Me There

Each and every school is now faced with the dilemma of how to teach students about this topic. The reality is that educators need to be trained on how to present it within the curriculum and how to recognize it within the school setting. Children need to recognize when they are being a bullied, we need to try to prevent this behavior from the start.

Have you or your children ever been bullied?

In a perfect world, bullies would not exist. Unfortunately, I know this is not the case. TechyDad and I have written about this topic many times. We have had to deal with this on several levels this year.

This week, my post on The Disney Driven Life focuses on bullies. More specifically, Teaching Kids About Bullies With Disney. Yes, I think we could utilize Disney stories and movies to help teach kids about bullies and other forms of character education. I am certainly thinking outside of the box, but often times that is the best way to reach kids. You look for something that you can connect to the topic at hand and present it in a fun manner that will stick with them for life. Please stop by to check out my latest on connecting Disney with education and let me know what Disney bullies you can think of.

 The Boys and Lotso - March 2011

I hope to see you at The Disney Driven Life to say hello to everyone else that writes there as well. My other posts there can be found under NDM183 – that’s me!


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  • kailani says:

    Kacie has been the victim of bullying at school and unfortunately I don’t think the school handled it properly. Thank goodness a lot of other students complained about the same girl so the school was forced to take action.
    kailani´s last blog post ..Aurora Softy Soakers

  • Julie says:

    Its really complicated topic, there is no simple answer to give to the kids. I think the key in the hands of the teachers and the education system mostly.If they will knew how to handle this then the children will knew this too.