Type-A Whine

At this very moment, I am sitting here feeling pretty sorry for myself. Yes, I will admit it – there are tears in my eyes. So far, Wednesday (when typing this) has been a pretty horrible day. I think things were going too well. It just had to crash a bit for a slight reality check.

 Beautiful Flowers On An Otherwise Gloomy Day

The rain outside is not helping my mood. Sure the rain can make things beautiful and green, but it can add to the depressed nature of a day.

Of course, the biggest thing on my mind right now is that I want to be on an adventure with some of my Tech Valley Bloggers friends. They are on their way to Asheville, NC. Why Asheville? Well, they are off to Type-A Parent Conference.

Type-A Parent

I have dreamed about going to Kelby’s amazing event. After Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we met Kelby and her beautiful family at Hollywood Studios. We chatted for a while until our kids were anxious to keep moving, seeing, and doing things in the park. I told her I planned on getting to Asheville for #TypeACon. Before we split up, we stopped to take a photo.

TheAngelForever and TypeAMom

Ironic that I am wearing my Eeyore shirt. I sit here and feel a big gloomy right now. Of course, the reality is that TypeACon was not meant to be this year. Several items in real life made it impossible to swing. I am a mother and wife, but also a girl that is bummed. The opportunities to learn, network, and then some in Asheville are amazing. To all of my friends – have an amazing time. Learn lots and please share what you can. I know I will be looking forward to CutestKidEver’s live blogging from the event.

A Quiet Walk In The Rain

So please don’t mind me if I whine just a little the next few days. I will perk up Friday for my 10th Anniversary with TechyDad. Now, I may take another walk in the rain, listening to the pitter patter of the drops instead of watching the Twitter stream all a buzz in the south where many lucky women and men will be taking everything in in Asheville.


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