The Yankees Stink Shirt

Dear JSL,

Yesterday morning, I had to bribe you a little bit. It was Papa’s birthday and I wanted you to try to make him smile. As you know, he’s not really into the smiling thing. Case in point:

Note the big smile

Anyway, there is a shirt that Uncle I bought NHL when he was little. The shirt is not exactly loved by Daddy. He does allow one of you to wear it on special occasions for Papa. This morning, I pulled it out, but you were not really into wearing it. So I bribed you. Lucky for me, you asked for some lemonade with breakfast. DONE! Here you are wearing the shirt at Hoffman’s.

The Shirt

I think the problem with wearing this shirt is that you get a lot of attention. Seeing that we live in NY, a Yankees Stink shirt either gets a lot of glares, or laughter from Red Sox fans in the area. Of course, this didn’t phase you too much. You liked people looking, smiling, and giving you attention. Plus, you were busy being a big helper on the rides with cousin BA.

Big Helper

Then, you were thrilled to go again, leading the way with BA in the back driving solo.

One more time

Of course, during this time NHL was on the roller coaster with Uncle I. You did not quite get what a big deal it was that they were in the front row.

Coaster time

What impressed me even more was you also went on a ride you were not too sure about. Rides up high seem to get you scared. Cousin SG wanted to go on one with you. After chatting a bit, you agreed to try it. You can tell you were not thrilled here.

Last Ride

Then, while you were whirling around above, I heard giggles. Yes, you were laughing and smiling while flying with cousin SG for your last ride of the day.

Happy Kiddo

Of course, you probably thought the ice cream that came right after this – rainbow sprinkles and all was another part of the bribe.

Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles

Thank you for being such a big boy. You helped Papa smile and you made me so very proud by being such a big helper.




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  • susan says:

    Love the shirt, it’s all in good fun! I think if not taken too seriously sports feuds can be fun. When the Packers played the Bears for the Championship my Wisconsin/Illionis dominated Facebook page lit up like a Christmas tree.
    And I see he is eating soft- served ice cream- I will let it pass this time. Next time HARD CREAM.
    susan´s last blog post ..Googled

  • Liz says:

    Great shirt!

    Lifelong Orioles Fan