39 Years of Marriage

Dear Mom and Dad,

I hope the two of you understand why the title of this post includes a number. As the shorter and older of your two children, I wanted to write something to the two of you. I think that number is amazing and shows something special. I am proud of that number and being your daughter.

Mom and Dad 2012

While digging through old photos, it was fun looking back on some amazing family memories. I will say, it was not easy locating photos with the two of you in them. If you are together these days, there is typically a grandchild, two, three, or four with you. Still, I found some fun items from over the years.

Here is one taken at a family event soon after TechyDad and I were engaged. Interesting to note, it was where my bridal shower would be less than a year later.

Mom and Dad 2000

Of course, the day when I would join the married world had to be included. At this point, you had been married 28 years. You made our special day extra magical by helping with everything leading up to the chuppah. This photo happens to be while walking me down the aisle. Note the smile on Dad’s face. I do believe that was  him telling everyone that I had a wedgie and needed to pee. Ah, we are a classy group.


Since that day, you have watched both of your children get married (to two amazing additions to our family), and become Nana and Papa to four fantastic kiddos. Although I have a feeling that number will not change, I am sure that we will add many more memories together for years to come.

Wishing both of you a wonderful 39th Anniversary and many more happy and healthy ones to come. Thank you for being an inspiration and showing that long term marriage commitments do in fact happen.



BTW – A big Happy Birthday to Uncle M today as well. Definitely a major celebratory day in our family.

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