My Little Workout Buddy

Dear JSL,

Thank you for being my workout buddy. This week, you have really helped me to exercise and make sure that I got my workouts in. Although I like to get things done while you and NHL are at school, it did not happen two of the days. Wednesday, you came home from school and I asked if you wanted to do a special exercise DVD with me. You were so excited. I even let you pick which one that we got to do.

Working outMuch to my horror, you picked the Leslie Sansone DVD that has the jogging within the miles. You liked the blue case out of her five that I own. You stood next to me walking, kicking, and smiling. The kick-backs confused you a bit, but you kept with it. The sweetest part was you wanted to hold my hand as we did the parts that went forward and back. As the second mile was winding down, you were starting to get cranky. I would have tried to push in another mile, but I knew it was getting late and we had to get ready to pick up NHL.

Thursday, I was so busy with laundry and a few projects that I never had a chance to get my workout in. You told me that was ok that you would cheer me on. So I got out my Walk Booster to do some resistance work while walking. Since our living room was so warm and your nose drippy, you did not want to participate. You made sure I had water and watched. You were mesmerized by the item I was wearing. So much that Friday afternoon you greeted me and begged to test them out. I had to take a photo since you were so proud.

Thank you for keeping me going and cheering me on. Watching you with all of your energy keeps me inspired to walk, kick, and sweat up a storm!




BTW – In case you are curious about the DVD’s that I used. These are the two that I tried with JSL this week. They are linked to an Amazon Affiliate where I will receive a percentage of the sale should you purchase them when shopping. I bought these and three other Leslie Sansone DVDs with my own money over the years.

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