Glasses Envy

Dear NHL & JSL,

This was a big week for the two of you. As a family, we celebrated Purim several times.

Purim 2012

NHL, last weekend you had your eyes checked and found out that you need to wear glasses all the time. They came in on Wednesday, so we picked them up just before going to the community Purim celebration. In an instant, you could not only see clearly, but you had grown up. You were so happy to have your new “Harry Potter” glasses and could not wait to show them to everyone.

Glasses for NHL

JSL, what shocked me was your reaction to your brother’s glasses. You were so upset. You cried when we told you he needed them, you cried when he picked them out, and you had a tantrum when NHL picked them up to take home. I could not imagine what the problem was. When we asked you, you told us you were now the only one that did not wear glasses. So, after NHL got his glasses and a pair of clip-on sunglasses, we picked something special out for you.

Happy Little Kid

Yes, a simple pair of Buzz Lightyear flip sunglasses saved the day. Now, we just need to keep helping NHL to adjust to the new clear world.



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