Mama Doni Gives Us Mission Immatzoble

Passover is coming! Passover is coming! Purim was just here and now it seems like we went full speed ahead into Passover. Thanks to this, TechyDad and I are busy getting our house ready for the Seders this weekend. Before I know it, our house will be taken over by this:

Matzah Time

To get everyone in the mood, I wanted to share a great new video from Mama Doni. As a fan, I follow her on Facebook and happened to see this and asked if I could post it here. So please take a little time to rock out to Doni’s new Mission Immatzoble music video – it is AMAZING!


As always, Mama Doni helps to teach us about the holiday and gives us a great new tune to listen to while we celebrate. So are you ready for the holidays (whatever you observe)?

It's Me

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