Today my Baby is Five

Dear JSL,

Five years ago yesterday, I had no idea that my world would forever change again. It was Mother’s Day and I was very pregnant with you. I slept a lot of the day because I was so exhausted. When I woke up Monday morning, you made it quite clear that today would be your birthday.

Baby JSL

Now I look at your sweet little face and the baby, toddler, preschooler is slipping away. You are getting to be so big and will be heading to kindergarten in September. I can not believe that my baby is going to be a kindergarten kid. Your sweet personality makes you so easy to get along with. You are one smart cookie who has a great sense of humor, loves to perform plays for everyone, and help others. Here is a look at your fourth year.

To celebrate turning four, we had a lot of pirate celebrations. Jake and the Never Land Pirates had made a huge impact on your life and everything seemed to be pirates. It was also the first time that you rode solo on the Merry-go-Round at Hoffman’s. (May 2011)

May 2011

June started off with a major scare when you had a febrile seizure at school. Thank goodness you were in great hands that day. The rest of the month was a lot less eventful. You finished your first year of preschool and we spent time together before NHL was finished with second grade. (June 2011)

June 2011

We had a busy summer together. NHL, you, and I went to a lot of events at the library and Michaels for their craft program. You loved making items and sharing them with everyone. The summer was also very warm and you liked heading into our little pool to play and the spray ground at the park. (July 2011)

July 2011

The end of the summer was filled with preparations for NHL’s 8th birthday, going to the movies, more trips to Hoffman’s, and keeping cool. Mommy and Daddy were supposed to go away and you were so excited about possible presents from Disney. Hurricane Irene had other plans and you worked to help us prepare the house for her arrival. (August 2011)

August 2011

School started back and you were going five days a week for most of the day. Although I missed our extra time together, I knew playing with your friends and learning was important. Each day I would look forward to see all the books, drawings, and creations that you would make. We also went apple picking on your first fieldtrip of the year. (September 2011)

September 2011

The Fall brought an extreme interest in learning to write. You were constantly writing new books at the start of each day in nursery school. Then, at home, you were using the new LeapFrog goodies we received to try reading on your own. Of course, we ended the month with snow in October just in time for Jedi Tigger to go out for some treats. (October 2011)

October 2011

We had a relatively quiet month in November. You declared that you liked fruit on a stick, constantly played your guitar, and kept using your favorite markers each morning at school. (November 2011)

November 2011

Muppets,  Snowflake the Bear, Chanukah, and more pirates filled the month of December. You loved playing dress up, especially with your Jake and the Never Land Pirates shirt on. I have a feeling that was your super costume for the Super JSL Buzz Lightyear show that you liked to do all the time. (December 2011)December 2011

Thanks to you sleeping in our bed, Daddy and I finally agreed that it was time to get you a big boy bed. The two of you still wanted to share a room, so we bought bunk beds that were delivered on New Years Eve. Much of January was spent getting used to the new sleeping arrangements and wondering why you would not play in the missing snow. (January 2012)

January 2012

February brought an illness that kept you home from school for a while. Thankfully, we kept febrile seizures away. During break from school, we kept warm inside the house making crafts and also went to the library to explore and see friends. You continued to love going to school to see all of your friends, teachers, and of course your speech therapist C. It was becoming clear to all of us that you were growing up so much and ready to be a kindergarten kid soon. (February 2012)

February 2012

Lots going on in March. My favorite little pirate came out to play for Purim. Pirate JSL also liked to add more to his costume when playing at home. We had fun at Platypus day looking for Perry. Finally, snow arrived that allowed you to head outside to play. (March 2012)

March 2012

The month began with Passover preparations. That kept us busy as we were also getting set for another trip to Walt Disney World at the end of the month. You also fell in love with making pottery at a friend’s birthday party. (April 2012) April 2012

Please excuse me if I cry a little today. It is hard for me to believe that my baby has gone from this:

NHL holds baby JSL

to this in five short years:

Disney May 2012

As much as I am sad to see you get older, I am excited. I can not wait to see more of who you are becoming. I look forward to watching you learn to read, write, and develop into more of the character and sweet young boy that you already are.

Happy 5th birthday sweetie and here is to many more happy and wonderful memories ahead.




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