Shalom Preschool Shabbat

Dear JSL,

Yesterday, we had another milestone of sorts. I hardly mentioned it to you because you seem sad about the end of the year. I know it is hard for you to understand leaving nursery school and moving onto kindergarten. We have all grown to love the two years that we have spent as part of the amazing community within your school. Everyone has been supportive from the parents, teachers, to the amazing director.

Caterpillars and Butterflies

The milestone was your last Shabbat in nursery school. This was the last Friday that you were officially in preschool. It tugged at my heart to realize that, in less than a week, you will be a kindergarten kid. You will never have the chance to be the Abba, to say the blessings in school with your friends, or have challah to celebrate.

Shabbat Abba

We will have to cherish the memories of you being Abba on your birthday week. It was so sweet seeing you wearing your birthday crown and helping your class. I also captured a video of this, but do not have permission to share it here since another classmate is on it. I know one day we will watch that and smile.

Kiddush cup and challah for shabbat

The memories that you have from the last two years will last you a life time. You have learned so much about Jewish life, celebrations, and adore it. I know you will take this with you and share with your friends in kindergarten and beyond. I am so proud of all that you do and look forward to watching you continue to grow up before my eyes.



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  • Devo K says:

    I know you guys celebrate the holidays, I was wondering if you also do Friday night Shabbat with candles, grape juice, challah, etc?