Rosh Hashanah Art and The Kissing Hand

Dear JSL,

The Kissing Hand project still seems to be working. After your first full week of kindergarten, things seem to be getting better. You still do not want to let go of my hand in the morning. By Friday, you were no longer crying when I left. Now, I just have to hope that will continue after four days off for Rosh Hashanah.

Last Sunday, you had your first official day of Hebrew School. It was a bitter sweet moment for me. You and I always had fun on Sunday mornings when NHL went off. Now it is your turn to join this tradition and learn about our Jewish faith, along with Hebrew.

When it was time to go to class on Sunday, you did not want to let me go. You did not really know anyone in your class. You were in a new location and the teacher was not who we had thought it would be. Still, I reminded you about The Kissing Hand. Then when I saw the aid in the hall later on, I told her to remind you that we had “powered up” when I left and it would help you out. Much to my surprise, this showed up on your Rosh Hashanah project.

Rosh Hashanah art and The Kissing Hand

You did all of the fantastic apple prints, but you asked someone to help you make a kissing hand. In addition to this, they helped to draw little JSL. It was the sweetest thing to see, it make me smile. I truly hope that this will be the start of many amazing and wonderful years ahead of you in school and learning about our faith.



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