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Kids love to ask questions about everything and anything. As a teacher, it was always interesting to listen to my students get information and ask questions about people, places, and events from history. Sometimes there were easy answers, other times it was a bit more complicated.

As my boys are growing up, we have been thinking about ways to introduce them to more of our history. TechyDad and the boys just went to an exhibit at the New York State museum where there are now questions about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War floating around our house.

Sterling Children’s Books recently contacted me about a series of books called Good Question! The picture books for older children are about specific topics that answer questions everyone really wants to know.

Good Question - Martin Luther King Jr.

What Was Your Dream, Dr. King?: And Other Questions About… Martin Luther King Jr. by Mary Kay Carson (Sterling Children’s Books, 9781402790454, January 2013) takes us into the life of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. The book is filled with the answers to twenty thoughtful questions including:

  • What kind of doctor was Dr. King?
  • Who was Rosa Parks?
  • Why did 250,000 people march for freedom?
  • What happened to Dr. King?
    Inside What Was Your Dream, Dr. King

The book tackles the questions with straight forward and honest answers that are appropriate for children in second grade and up. The photos, paintings, and timeline help to take the reader back in time to the days of Dr. King Jr. and his family. This book would be a great addition to a unit on Dr. King before MLK Day or for Black History Month in February.

Good Question - World War II

Why Did the Whole World Go to War?: And Other Questions About… World War II by Martin W. Sandler (Sterling Children’s Books, 9781402790447, January 2013) helps to tackle the tough subject of war times. This book answers eighteen questions including:

  • What started World War II?
  • How did Hitler take over so many countries so quickly?
  • What happened at Pearl Harbor?
  • Who were the Tuskegee Airmen?
  • Why was Anne Frank hiding?
    Inside Why Did the Whole World Go to War

World War II is a tough subject to talk to children about, but a necessary one. I still remember reading Anne Frank’s diary in 5th grade and learning about my Papa being overseas in a tank. The facts of this time period fascinated me and thanks to books like this children can learn about it in a way that is perfect for them. If they want to know more about a certain area covered in the book, they can have a parent, teacher, librarian, or other adult help them to get this. I hope to share this book with my nine year old soon. I have to figure out just the right way to bring it up and may save it for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

I have always said that I adore picture books for older children. These books are a great example of that. They take some more difficult subject areas and present them in a developmentally appropriate way for children. There is just enough information provided to answer the questions and give kids the opportunity to seek more information after this introduction. Later in the year, two additional titles will join the Good Question! series with a book about the Titanic in April, and The American Revolution in August. I know I look forward to seeing these titles and more as they are published.

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Disclosure: My family received the books mentioned above from Sterling Children’s Books in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was given. The opinions expressed are my own. Two Amazon Affiliate links are included in this post for the books mentioned. I will receive a percentage of money for the sale should you opt to buy the books through the links.

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