Vive la France dans Epcot

Growing up, I started taking French as my foreign language requirement in school. At the time, a lot of schools in New York did this because we are relatively close to Quebec. I still remember a trip to Epcot when I was in middle school. I fell in love with the Eiffel Tower and saw an item in the gift store in France that I wanted, but I was told to wait. Later on, I still wanted the Eiffel Tower item and my mother let me walk all the way around World Showcase on my own to get the item. While the topic from Focused on the Magic is Celebrate Your Country, I am sharing memories of France at Epcot because of my magical memories there.

Meeting Marie in Epcot

My children in France at Epcot

Delicious dessert in France at Epctot Patisserie

French street performers at Epcot

Beauty and the Beast in France at Epctot

My boys in Epcot at Walt Disney World

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