Tuesday Tales – Books for Dad on Father’s Day

Red alert, Father’s Day is less than three weeks away! The boys and I typically have a challenging time looking for just the right item to get TechyDad. TechyDad is a geek at heart. He loves science, math, computers, and technology related items. He likes to read, but he is very particular about books.

TechyDad at the Museum of Science

When Sterling Publishing contacted me about some books that they are featuring for Father’s Day, I knew two of them would be right up TechyDad’s alley. The third, all about golf, is not something my husband would ever read.

Disclosure: I received the following two books from Sterling Publishing to review as possible gifts for Father’s Day. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

The Space Book

The Space Book – ISBN 9781402780714 – Written by  Jim Bell – Sterling Milestones – May 2013 – 528 page hardcover book $29.95

The Space Book is a stunning book that catches your eye the moment you pick it up. Dr. Jim Bell is the President of the Planetary Society and has created a beautiful collection of 250 milestones from the history of space and astronomy. As soon as TechyDad saw the book, he sat on the couch and our nine year old son immediately wanted to browse at the photographs with him. NHL and TechyDad looked briefly at the book together. NHL was able to identify some of the items and noted he’s interested in reading the book together. I have a feeling once school is out this may be a father and son project on nights that they want to take a break from the continued reading of Harry Potter.

As a science teacher, I am in love with the photographs of the spatial items. While I have seen books that talk about space and object found in the universe, they have never been in chronological order with photographs and information about the history of the discovery and more that has been found over time. I definitely believe this book is a stunning coffee table book that would make a nice present for a father or other person that has a deep interest in space.

The New York Times Book of Mathematics

The New York Times Book of Mathematics – ISBN 9781402793226 – Edited by Gina Kolata with a foreword by Paul Hoffman – Sterling Publishing – June 2013 – 496 page hardcover book $24.95

As I noted before, TechyDad is a geek. He loves to talk about math, numbers, and theories. While I consider myself good with numbers, he can just calculate things in his head without breaking into a sweat or cheating with a calculator. I often hear NHL and TechyDad just chatting about something with math. The two of them love MathDuko puzzles and similar items for a fun activity. Thanks to this, I figured The New York Times Book of Mathematics would be a book TechyDad will enjoy.

As I type this, TechyDad has not had the chance to really sit down and read this book yet. Life has been too hectic, but he did tell me that he is intrigued with the contents of the book. This book is a collection of more than 110 articles that were included in the New York Times between 1892 and 2010. It includes items from a variety of topics including statistics, coincidences, chaos theory, computers, and many more. While browsing through the book, I could almost picture my husband and oldest son having a long winded conversation about some of the topics and debating them with each other. Once he reads the book, an updated review will appear.

Have you ever bought your father a book for Father’s Day? As always, Tuesday Tales is about spreading love for books. Please share what you have read recently. Be sure to link up to your book posts in the comments below. Include something you read on your own, with a child, or someone else.

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