Making Granny Square Bags

Crochet projects have been on my mind a lot this summer. Even before I finished making my Rainbow Afghan, I had something in the back of my mind for my next project. I knew that I wanted to do more granny squares since I really enjoy them. I can make them on the go and eventually work them together into something larger and more complex.

Finished Rainbow Granny Square Crochet Blanket

I searched on Ravelry, Pinterest, and YouTube for something that called my name. In the end, I decided to try a pattern called Inga’s Crocheted bag (pattern PDF here) using smaller versions of the Granny Square pattern from my blanket. I figured that I would make one in cotton yarn eventually, but wanted to test the pattern with left over yarn from the blanket that I had just made. So I made sixteen squares with the yarn scraps that I had. I was able to make half of those in the colors and half with the larger amount of black that remained. Once all of the squares were complete, I single crocheted them together into four strips.

Granny squares into four strips

Since I was not completely clear on the pattern and how to put it together, I went to YouTube. Yolanda Soto Lopez made a video tutorial of this bag that helped me to make sure I was on track. This video was very helpful and before I knew it the bag was coming together. Making the Inga's Crochet Bag

Next, I secured all of the strings on the inside and turned it right side out to see the side of the bag and pattern of the squares from all sides.

Views of Inga's Crochet bag without straps

The second to last part of making the bag was to single crochet two straps to sew onto the bag. This was tedious to me since I am not a fan of crocheting straight lines, but I got it finished and put them onto the bag.

Inga's Crochet Bag

The bag is perfect for a purse. I just want to add in a liner and possibly a button to keep it closed. I am not a fan of sewing, so this may not be finished until after the kids go back to school. I did buy fabric for the inside since I found something that I fell in love with. Of course, I also found cotton yarn and made a rather large bag using the squares that are called for in the pattern and only have to complete the straps for that one.

Crochet bag liner and another Inga Bag

Needless to say, I have already asked TechyDad if he will help me to figure out my next crochet project. This time, I want to do something 8-bit style using solid colored granny squares. So the geeks that we are need to do some math and work to make that happen before I can buy my crafting supplies.

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