Ready for Crochet Wristers

My love for all things crochet has really taken off. Part of this is thanks to a great community called The Crochet Crowd. While I used to sit and wonder how I would ever be able to make things everyone shared in the group, I now makes lists of the next item to tackle. Part of the beauty of The Crochet Crowd is the gentleman who started it: Michael Selnick. Mikey is a master of crochet tutorials who helped me to ditch my knitting needles (for now) and finally learn to crochet. The video tutorials are amazing and have allowed me to not only make my giant Rainbow Granny Square Afghan, but multiple other items including the following:

My Wristers Model

Last week I realized I did not have much of a yarn stash in the house and wanted to start something. The next big project I want to attack is an 8-bit granny square blanket, but the planning is taking a bit more time.  I found the vibrant blue yarn that I had bought some time ago and decided to try a new technique. I used two skeins and made a corner to corner scarf (variation of a Red Heart pattern in this tutorial). Once that was finished I got the guts to try the Crochet Wristers (using the Give em Spirit Crochet Wristers tutorial). This pattern also happens to be the Challenge on The Crochet Crowd right now and hundreds of pairs have already been created in just a weeks time.

I can not believe how easy this was to make. Once I had the yarn on my hook, it just took shape before my eyes.


I was a little nervous about the thumb area, but it was not difficult thanks to Mikey’s tutorial guiding me through it. Once I was finished with the first one, I tried it on and took a few quick photos.

First Wrister finished

Then I took a little break and eventually grabbed my hook and yarn and made the second for the complete pair. Once they were finished, a certain six year old declared that they were his. He said they made him a super hero and went flying around the house. He stopped just long enough for the photo below and the one at the top.

Wristers Finished

Of course, once you make one child a pair of wristers, chances are the other child will also want a pair. Hmmmm….there may be a book on this with a Mouse and a Cookie. Anyway, more yarn was purchased that the big kid selected. Plus, I bought a few additional skeins to start making additional pairs for gifting.

If you were to receive a pair of wristers, what would your dream color combination look like?

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