Pausing for Surgery

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. The weekend was spent getting things done and ready for Monday. Monday was the day that TechyDad would be having surgery. This is surgery that he should have had done before we met, but the day before they said it would not be covered.

After suffering for many years, I got TechyDad to head to the ENT to follow up on his breathing troubles. When he saw the doctor she immediately ordered a CAT scan (you can see the pictures on the post here). The scan of his nose told a story. It was a story of one nostril being blocked. His deviated septum was caused by a concha bullosa. Basically another sinus cavity tried to form in a turbinate of his nose. So on Monday, that would be removed, his septum fixed, and turbinates that had not been fixed in the past done.

Selfie before surgery

Monday morning we rushed to get the boys ready for their days. JSL was heading off to a friend to go to camp and hang out with them afterward. NHL spent the day with Mimi. TechyDad had to be at the hospital at 8:10 for his 10:10 surgery. To make a long story short, the surgery started late, which added to anxiety. As you can see above, TechyDad was using his phone to take selfies and entertain himself. Almost an hour late, the ENT came into meet with us and go over things.

I went out into the waiting area and tried to read. I was too tired to eat and was afraid to miss the surgeon after an hour and a half had gone by. Two hours after TechyDad was wheeled into the OR, the surgeon came to see me. Everything had gone well. The concha bullosa was easier to remove than expected. He was upset when they woke him up, but she thought he would do great. A lot of the rest was a blur. I was so tired, hungry (it was after 1 and I had not eaten), and relieved to hear that he was out. I went to get something to eat and let everyone know what was happening.

Two hours later when I got back from picking up JSL and bringing him to be with NHL, I was able to see TechyDad. His coloring was bad and he looked miserable. He got up to walk and was dizzy and exhausted. When he got back, we changed his bandage under the nose and he went to sleep. They wanted to send him home, but it was just too much at that point. The nurses were fantastic and helped to go over everything with me, got him popsicles to help with his sore throat, and at about 5:30 TechyDad felt strong enough to go home.

If I am MIA the next few days, I am off taking care of all of the boys. It’s odd how you can take your spouse for granted until a time like this. TechyDad cooks for us and does a lot of the bedtime/shower routine with the kids. A huge thank you to everyone who helped out yesterday and kept TechyDad in their thoughts and prayers. It was a relief knowing the boys were happy and safe so they didn’t have to worry about things during the surgery. A special thank you to Nana for making sure we all had dinner last night so we could get some rest.

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