Three Fiber Arts Apps for Android

#VZWBuzz Disclosure A long time ago, I was an elementary school girl learning how to knit on a neighbor’s front porch. In between riding my bike with the kids, several of us used to sit on rocking chairs and knit together. Knitting has always been a passion, but I secretly craved picking up a hook to ease the pain that knitting caused in my wrists.

Last year, I finally taught myself how to crochet using several YouTube videos. Prior to this, I was not very successful with crochet because books just did not cut it. There is just something wonderful about being able to see a person showing the way to work a pattern up with yarn. I am also able to pause it and rewind to see a section over and over until I am successful.

Over the last year, I have often used my android smartphones to keep up on my fiber arts. I can share photos of my creations, ask questions on Facebook groups, and explore new apps that will help my new love for crochet. While there are a lot of apps out there for people that knit and crochet, several of popular ones from yarn companies are only available for iOS. Thanks to this, I was not able to test them out using my beloved Samsung Galaxy S5. While I have an iPad, I utilize my smartphone a lot more when out and about and shopping for craft items and working on a project. Fiber Arts Apps for Android Smartphones The Crochet Crowd App is a favorite of mine. Mikey and the entire Crochet Crowd community were part of the reason that I have been successful with my crocheting adventure. This app does a wonderful job of combining all parts of The Crochet Crowd together. You can:

  • see the latest posts on The Crochet Crowd Facebook page
  • view the amazing collection YouTube tutorials
  • check out the latest crochet challenge
  • view photos of gorgeous creations from other hookers
  • use the yarn calculator to assist with an upcoming project
  • head to The Crochet Crowd website
  • read the latest on Mikey’s blog
  • look for patterns
  • learn how to crochet

The Crochet Crowd Android AppOf course, there is much more to explore on the app. It really is a wealth of information for the new, intermediate, or even advanced crocheter. I know I have my eye on the latest Mystery crochet along that was just revealed and would be a new experience for me to try. Michaels Stores also have an app for Android users. I found this one after I was a bit underwhelmed by another craft stores app. The Michaels Stores contains a lot of items packed all into one resource. You will find:

  • the Michaels Stores weekly ad
  • coupons for your local Michaels Store
  • projects that are not limited to yarn and needle crafts (baking, painting, home décor, kids crafts, and a lot more)
  • product listings by craft type
  • videos will be coming
  • a place to store the project you like
  • listing of events at your local Michaels Store

Michaels Stores App for Android There is a lot more within the app. What I adore is that I can quickly get coupons when I am going to the store to pick up items. If I am looking for a new idea to craft, I can save a project that I like. Later on, I can go back in and find what I need to purchase, along with the project instructions. Another fun feature, I can check the weekly sales and just skip right to the yarn brands. A lot of thought was put into this app and it is great for a fiber arts enthusiast on the go. Knitting Patterns Database is an app that combines tools from many other knitting apps into one location. Within this app you can:

  • store PDF patterns
  • download patterns from locations like Ravelry (you must sign into those)
  • import patterns
  • use their row counter
  • find a calculator to help with yarn substitutions and more

Knitting Patterns Database for Android This app is new to me and I plan on exploring it more this summer as I finish up my latest crochet project. I know I will be able to use it for future knitting works, but there is a way to utilize it for my crochet work as well. What apps have you used for knitting, crocheting, or other crafting? I would love to know so I can add them to my growing collection. Be sure to check out my latest crafting fun by following along on Instagram.

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